"Gor Sikwadi" social movement started in Maharashtra in year 1998 under the guidance of Kashinath Ji Nayak and Sandesh Ji chavan. "Gor Sikwadi" movement is a thought process and it is a platform to work for growth of Gor Banjara people. The aim of “Gor Sikwadi” is to bring all Banjara people in Mainstream of India.

The "Gor Sikwadi" word originated from Gor Banjara’s culture, in Gor Banjara community an elder generation gives a “SIKWADI” to a younger generation. "Gor Sikwadi" team is a group of likeminded people who are willing to work for development of Gor Banjara community. People working in Gor Sikwadi team are Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Advocates, Teachers and Farmers, but when they all came together to work on a Gor Sikwadi platform they all works as a team to achieve a common goal of Banjara comunities development.

From last 15+ years “Gor Sikwadi” team is working continuously in Maharashtra for development of Banjara community. Since its inception, it has reached 7000+ tanda’s in Maharashtra and achieved significant results in transforming lives of Banjara people and uniting them together. “Gor Sikwadi” team has also visited almost all states in India and gathered historical and cultural information of great banjara community.

JOURNEY SO FAR: GOR SIKWADI has organized many events, just to list a few….

Student Felicitation Event – An event for creating awareness and importance of education in Tandas and encouraging outstanding students

Satguru Sevalal Maharaj’s Bhog Program - Gor Sikwadi team organizes Sevalal Maharaj’s Bhog program in tanda’s

Cultural Event at Tanda’s like Bhajan, Lengi, Dhund – An event for cultural activities that elaborates the significance of various cultural events

Social Awareness Event - An event for promoting various skills and spreading self-esteem and transforming lives in Tandas

Vadhu Var Mela Event - An event for mass bride-groom match making

Dharamani Yadir Malav - This special event for Gor Yadi-Bhen.

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